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Ghana secures a spot in NFL Super Bowl 8

In a bid to establish Ghana as a prominent film hub in Africa, the National Film Authority (NFA) launched the ‘Shoot in Ghana’ campaign, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at attracting filmmakers from around the world. Since its inception, this campaign has not only gained remarkable momentum but has also elevated Ghana’s status as a rising force in African filmmaking.

One of the campaign’s notable achievements is the recent NFL Super Bowl ad, which swiftly climbed to the fifth position on global charts, amassing a staggering 500 million views within mere hours of its release. This triumph serves as a testament to the campaign’s efficacy in showcasing Ghana’s potential as an ideal filming destination.

Much like the ambitious Kwesi portrayed in the ad, the NFA envisions Ghana as a dream destination for filmmakers, and this vision is steadily gaining traction. The allure of Ghana as a filming location is undeniably on the rise, with the NFA spearheading this transformative journey. The overarching goal is clear – to position Ghana as the premier destination for film production in Africa.

The campaign strategically capitalizes on Ghana’s diverse and vibrant landscapes, complemented by the warmth of its communities, creating an ideal canvas for the emergence of cinematic masterpieces. This combination of natural beauty and cultural richness provides filmmakers with a unique and compelling backdrop for their projects.

The ‘Shoot in Ghana’ campaign represents a pivotal chapter in Ghana’s cinematic journey, inviting enthusiasts and storytellers worldwide to join this transformative movement. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about actively participating in the creation of a vibrant portrait of Ghana’s cinematic future.

To be part of this cinematic revolution, embrace the hashtag #ShootinGhana and contribute to the collective narrative that showcases the untapped potential of Ghana’s film landscape. Join the movement, be an integral part of the story, and together, let’s unfold the full spectrum of Ghana’s cinematic prowess. The ‘Shoot in Ghana’ campaign is not merely about taking pictures; it’s about painting a vivid and dynamic masterpiece that will resonate on the global stage, firmly establishing Ghana as a cinematic powerhouse in Africa.

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Inaugural Africa Cinema Summit marks a milestone for collaboration in the film Industry

In a historic gathering that marked a significant milestone for the African film industry, the inaugural edition of the Africa Cinema Summit (ACS) brought together influential figures and key stakeholders to emphasize the crucial role of collaboration in shaping a thriving cinematic landscape across the continent.

The event, held from 14th to 16th of November 2023 at the Silverbird Cinemas and Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Ghana, provided a platform for filmmakers and cinema stakeholders across the globe to unite and deliberate on the imperative need for elevating content quality and fostering a more diverse film industry. The discussions highlighted the potential impact of collaborative initiatives in pooling resources, expertise, and perspectives, ultimately leading to an enriched storytelling.

A central theme throughout the summit was the belief that unity among African filmmakers will not only amplify cultural representation but also offer global audiences a more nuanced and authentic view of Africa. By working together, sharing experiences, and collectively tackling societal issues, filmmakers will be able to empower themselves to craft compelling narratives that resonate both locally and internationally.

The collaborative spirit within the African filmmaking community was evident as participants explored ways to strengthen ties and bridge gaps within the industry. The discussions centered around how unity could lead to the creation of high-quality content that reflects the diverse narratives and rich cultural tapestry of the continent.

One of the key outcomes of the summit was the recognition that the collaborative efforts within the African filmmaking community holds the potential to make a lasting impact, influencing the future of cinema and content creation on the continent. By coming together, filmmakers can leverage their collective strength to address challenges, seize opportunities, and shape the trajectory of the industry.

As ACS came to an end, participants expressed optimism about the future, emphasizing the transformative power of collaboration in driving positive change within the African film industry. The summit served as a catalyst for building stronger connections, fostering creative partnerships, and ultimately contributing to the growth and success of African cinema on the global stage.

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Africa Cinema Summit: Pioneering the Future of African Film

The National Film Authority of Ghana in partnership with FilmHouse Group and Silverbird Cinema, Ghana proudly announce the groundbreaking Africa Cinema Summit, slated to unfold from November 14 to November 16, 2023, at the prestigious Movenpick Ambassadors Hotel and Silverbird Cinema in Accra, Ghana. This three-day event marks a historic milestone as the first-ever Cinema Summit in Africa organized by Africans.

The Africa Cinema Summit promises to be a dynamic gathering, drawing Film Authorities, Filmmakers, Cinema Investors, Cinema Architects and builders, Heritage Center Authorities, Distributors, and Exhibitors, among other industry stakeholders. This unprecedented initiative is a testament to the commitment of the National Film Authority to drive the transformation and revitalization of the African film industry.

Aligned with the broader vision of the Ghana Cinema Agenda, the Africa Cinema Summit aims to address critical issues such as infrastructural gaps and the cultivation of a robust cinema-going culture. These challenges are closely linked to the scarcity of cinemas not only in Ghana but across the African continent.

Recent data from the 2021 UNESCO reports underscore the enormous potential of the film and creative industry, estimated to be worth over 20 billion dollars, positioning it as the largest employment sector in Africa. However, the report also reveals a stark reality: fewer than 1,700 screens serve the entire African continent, home to approximately 1.4 billion people, meaning that more than 80% of the population has never experienced a cinema outing.

To bridge these gaps and propel the growth of the African film industry, the Africa Cinema Summit has been meticulously curated to bring together participants from across the continent. Confirmed attendees and strategic partners include leading film exhibitors in West Africa, with the FilmHouse group as the organizing partner. Notable screening partners include Silverbird Cinemas, Ghana,Ster-Kinekor, the largest exhibitor in South Africa, and Century Cinemax, a major player in East Africa. The alliance extends to Nigerian Theaters Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), Canal Olympio, and Pathe distribution, along with cinemas from French-speaking Africa.

Currently, Ghana has cinemas in only two areas of the country, operating fewer than five (5) cinemas for a population exceeding 35 million people. Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante, the CEO of the National Film Authority and the convener of the Summit, emphasizes that the event is grounded in the twin pillars of content growth and cinema screen growth on the continent. She asserts that this initiative must evolve into both a national and continental dialogue, encouraging broad participation from students, market women, teachers, corporate entities, and government bodies. According to Asante, the benefits of this endeavor will impact every facet of society.

As we stand at this pivotal moment in our history, the Africa Cinema Summit beckons film stakeholders from across the continent to engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges hindering the sector’s growth, with a steadfast focus on finding sustainable solutions.

A flourishing film market holds the promise of numerous opportunities for the industry, including job creation, economic growth, community development, and the global dissemination of the rich Ghanaian and African narrative.


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National Film Authority ends capacity-building and stakeholder engagement workshop in Accra

National Film Authority (NFA) has concluded its stakeholder engagement and capacity-building workshop for filmmakers in Accra. The one-day workshop, held on Wednesday, July 26th, 2023, at the prestigious Alisa Hotel, marked the climax of previous engagements across the country, with workshops in Kumasi and Tamale preceding the final event in Accra.

Sponsored by the World Bank and supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MoTAC), the workshop was part of the NFA’s 
Cinema Development Agenda. Its primary aim was to educate Ghanaian filmmakers on the latest trends in film production and distribution, introduce them to emerging technologies and equipment for film production, and provide training in international best practices.

The creative industry, particularly the film ecosystem, has a significant global impact. To ensure that Ghanaian filmmakers can effectively compete in the international market, the NFA recognized the importance of developing the skill sets of local talent. Thus, the capacity-building workshop became a vital initiative to equip filmmakers with the knowledge and tools required for their professional growth.

During the workshop, Prof. Gabriel Eshun, the Technical Advisor of the Ghana Tourism Development project, encouraged filmmakers to leverage their craft to promote Ghanaian culture. Films, he emphasized, are a powerful medium for storytelling and can play a crucial role in showcasing Ghana’s rich cultural heritage, thereby boosting tourism.

Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante, the CEO of the National Film Authority, also highlighted the NFA’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for filmmakers.

She asserted that positioning Ghana as a content hub could yield substantial benefits for the country and the film industry. Ms Asante emphasized that the NFA, since its establishment in December 2019, has undertaken several strategic projects to revitalize Ghana’s film sector, making it economically vibrant.

The workshop was also used as an avenue to discuss the draft of the Legislative Instrument (LI), which the NFA is working on to be presented to Parliament. The LI aims to provide a robust legal framework for the film industry, ensuring its proper regulation and growth.

At the workshop, the NFA announced that the tax incentive policy for the film industry has been finalized and it is anticipated to be passed by the end of the year.

This policy is expected to boost the growth of the film sector by attracting more investments and encouraging local productions.

The National Film Authority’s capacity-building and stakeholder engagement workshop was a resounding success. By equipping Ghanaian filmmakers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support, the NFA has taken significant steps towards strengthening the country’s position in the global film industry.

With initiatives like the draft LI and the tax incentive policy, the future looks promising for Ghana’s film sector.


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The National Film Authority welcomes new partner to advance the careers of experienced film writers in Ghana

The National Film Authority (NFA) of Ghana has entered into a partnership with the International Writers Lab (IWL) to showcase the Ghana film industry to Hollywood studios and streamers. The IWL was launched in 2021 to increase the opportunity for Hollywood production of stories from film and television writers in Africa, beginning in Kenya. Created by PMF Media Group, VentureLift Africa and The Blackhouse Foundation, the IWL is a unique accelerator and fellowship program that combines a writers lab —  facilitated by the award-winning American filmmaker, Matty Rich (Straight Out Of Brooklyn and Inkwell), — mentorship from writers with Hollywood credits, career and business advice from Hollywood agents, studio executives, international sales agents, and talent management companies, and a pitch-fest to receive feedback and advice from distributors to refine the Fellows’ projects.

Ghana’s film industry has continued to play a significant role in African filmmaking. Despite its huge commercial and financial potential, the Ghanaian creative sector has long been a sleeping giant for economic development and job creation in Africa. When compared to Africa’s top entertainment hubs, Nigeria and South Africa, resources supporting outstanding film and television writers have had less visibility than other sectors of the Ghanaian economy. The NFA seeks to change this dynamic and broaden the global networks of talented African writers.

CEO of the NFA, Ms. Juliet Asante, views the partnership as “an opportunity that opens an important door for scriptwriters in Ghana. Writers are the backbone and skeleton of the film industry and its related disciplines. A good story is the beginning of any successful project. Without a well-told story and script, no amount of magic on set will be magical. It is for this reason that the National Film Authority of Ghana places a premium on building the craft as a key pillar in Ghana’s strategy to position itself as a film and content hub in the region.  Authentic, well-researched, well told and well-written stories that make impact, are the outcomes we expect from this partnership and magic always happens in films and real life when these come together”

According to Laure de Peretti of the StoryBoard Collective, a Swiss-based philanthropy which also supports African episodic writers through the AuthenticA Series Lab in partnership with the Realness Institute and a continuing partner of IWL, “engaging the Ghanaian creative ecosystem is exciting and has a huge potential with a dynamic local film industry. IWL will benefit from very motivated talents who have the ambition to develop high quality productions. We are eager to see these authentic storylines developed into on-screen feature films by these three talented writers.”

Three fellows were selected for the Ghana Cohort to refine their scripts for film, including Ms. Anna Segbefia-Hanson, Mr. Elorm Adjaho and Mr. Fidaus Sulemana. The Fellows are experienced writers and emerging changemakers in the African and global creative ecosystems.

Pauline Fischer, Founder of PMF Media Group and visionary for the program, hopes that these “experienced and talented writers will emerge from the Lab with enhanced skills and broader networks to more successfully build their careers and expand their opportunities in Ghana, across the continent, and in the global entertainment industry”.

The 16-week program aims to culminate in a trip to an international film festival, where the Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in additional programs and further expand their professional network.

For Wilmot Allen, Founder of VentureLift Africa, the IWL serves as a catalyst for leaving a stronger African imprint on the world.

“We are hopeful to facilitate a deeper ecosystem of talented writers across the continent so that the world will come to understand Africa better in all of its diversity, creativity and originality.”

The IWL intends to expand its programming to include animation and gaming across the continent in the coming months. For more information contact and visit

The National Film Authority (NFA) is the authority set up by the government of Ghana to regulate and streamline the ecosystem of film in Ghana. The authority recognizes film as an important vehicle for socio-cultural and economic development bearing in mind that Ghana has always been an important voice in the development of film in Africa. The NFA is committed to working with all its stakeholders to ensure that Ghana is well positioned on the global landscape as a progressive nation with a strong drive to promote and facilitate high-quality productions to appeal to a global market.

PMF Media Group advises brands and independent production companies on selecting and developing high-impact IP and creating compelling content strategies. Based in Los Angeles, the company also develops and produces projects focused on global, multicultural protagonists across film, television and animation. The company is founded by industry veteran, Pauline Fischer, who is a celebrated global content executive, producer, dealmaker, and entrepreneur. She has held senior executive positions at top media companies including Vice President of Worldwide Acquisitions Paramount Pictures International and Vice President Original Films and Content Acquisition at Netflix.

VentureLift Africa (VLA) helps African companies grow and scale through value-added connections with an array of economic partners, focusing on the Diaspora. Based in Kenya, VLA’s media and entertainment efforts engage the film, television, gaming and digital media sectors through showcasing, producing, capacity building and connecting Africa’s creative talent to regional and international opportunities. The company leverages the Founder Wilmot Allen’s prior experience with the finance and strategy team at the ABC Television Network (Walt Disney Company) which managed the network’s primetime, daytime, late night, sports, and Touchstone Television properties, film finance with JPMorgan, and Executive in Charge of Production of the award-winning Tavis Smiley Show and a Creative Executive for KCET/PBS in Hollywood.

The StoryBoard Collective is an initiative that supports engaged narratives through partnerships with cultural organizations, residencies, media experts and festivals to build capacity and provide funding. The StoryBoard seeks to broaden, professionalize and hold space for the impact production industry and for episodic storytellers from underrepresented communities. StoryBoard offers grants to encourage an inclusive and resolutely independent storytelling community. The organization supports independent, transformative stories to be written, screened and shared in order to shift behavior and catalyze action.

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Gobelins set to organise a 3D Character Animation Class in Ghana

We are very excited to announce that No.1 Animation school in the world is landing to Accra in July!

Join the very first off-site Gobelins Summer School in 3D Character Animation! 2 weeks to boost your skills in 3D Character Animation!!

When: 10-21 July 2023 (Monday to Friday from 4pm to 10pm)

Where: to be confirmed (Accra, Ghana)

What: 60 hours of training by Gobelins Paris, AnimaxFYB studios and Mounia Aram Company with the support of the French Embassy in Ghana and the delegation of European Union to Ghana.

The tuition fees are up to 90% sponsored by the French Embassy and the delegation of European Union to Ghana).

Apply before the 13th of May: Summer School in 3D Character Animation – Ghana

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Call for Films

The National Film Authority (NFA) has officially opened submissions for films (feature, short, animation) towards the 2nd edition of the Ghana Cinema Week scheduled to happen this year.

For enquiries, please email or call +233 509846023.



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Ghana Cinema Week 2023

This edition is going to be ELECTRIFYING⚡and exciting!🕺🏾💃🏿

The National Film Authority (NFA) in collaboration with Afrocinemaplus brings your way another edition of the GHANA CINEMA WEEK this year to showcase the amazing works of Ghanaian filmmakers and also contribute to enhancing and boosting the cinema going culture in Ghana.



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NFA organises a capacity-building workshop for filmmakers in Kumasi

The National Film Authority of Ghana has held a capacity–building workshop and stakeholder engagement for filmmakers in Kumasi. The event, which took place at the Golden Bean Hotel on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, is part of the Ghana Tourism Development Project (GTDP) funded by the World Bank under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC).

The workshop was attended by stakeholders across various sectors of the film industry, and officials from the MOTAC. Speaking at the event, the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Arts, Mark Okuraku Mantey, said that the ministry acknowledges the efforts of local filmmakers in the creative industry and is committed to supporting the National Film Authority in building a strong foundation to propel the film industry.

The CEO of NFA, Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante, also indicated that filmmakers who produce in local language are an integral part of NFA’s strategy in the reinvigoration of the Ghana Film Industry. According to her “Producing movies in our local language enhances our creativity, enables us to tell our story without any form of restraint and gives us a competitive advantage internationally”.

As part of the event, the NFA also discussed the draft of the Legislative Instrument (LI) which is to be submitted to the parliament of Ghana for approval. Representatives of the various film guilds and associations like George Bosompem, Razak Adbulai, Richard Yaw Boateng, Rukayatu Ankrah, Ken Fiati and Samuel Gyandoh were among the people who led the discussion on the LI.

This capacity-building workshop and stakeholder engagement which was facilitated by Ivan Quashigah and Danny Damah was aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of filmmakers in the production and marketing of films to be able to compete internationally and the NFA is looking forward to organising a similar event in Tamale and Accra.

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National Film Authority set to organise a capacity-building workshop and stakeholder engagement forum for filmmakers across Ghana

The National Film Authority (NFA) of Ghana is set to organise a one-day capacity-building workshop and stakeholder engagement for filmmakers in Kumasi. The workshop which is sponsored by the World Bank under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture (MOTAC) will be done on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at Golden Bean Hotel. Hopefully, after this maiden one, NFA intends to replicate the workshop in Tamale and Accra.

The workshop aims to educate Ghanaian filmmakers on the new trends in the production and marketing of films, equip them with knowledge of the new technologies and equipment for film production and train them on best practices in international film production.

A vibrant creative economy is essential to a healthy national economy. Globally, the economic impact of film cannot be overemphasised. The National Film Authority since its commencement in December 2019 has initiated several projects to strategically position Ghana’s film industry and make it economically vibrant. Under the NFA’s Cinema Development Agenda, a project like the ‘Shoot in Ghana’ Campaign is showing great prospects with some major productions like the ‘Girls Trip 2’ prepping to shoot in Ghana.

“A lot of productions are beginning to troop into Ghana because of the ‘Shoot in Ghana’ Campaign and this will bring a huge boost to the industry. When a major production shoots in a particular location, it brings jobs, revenue, and related infrastructure development, providing an immediate boost to the local economy. We need to fully explore the opportunities of the campaign and that is why this workshop is necessary. Through this, we hope to build the capacity of our filmmakers and equip them with the skills and knowledge that can match international best practices to enable them to take advantage of the productions that are coming into Ghana” the CEO of NFA, Ms Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante, revealed.

The lead person for the workshop Mr Daniel Kofi Amoateng also stated that “Filmmaking is increasingly changing. The world is fast-paced moving with new trends in film production, marketing and advanced technologies. Our filmmakers need to be abreast of these new trends.At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have gained enhanced skills and knowledge in the production and marketing of films to be able to compete internationally”.

Also, as part of the workshop, NFA is looking forward to engaging its stakeholders on crucial issues in the industry which includes the Development of Film and Classification Act 2016 (Act 935), the draft of the Legislature Instrument (LI), theTax incentive policy and the upcoming Africa Cinema Summit among others.

On November 14-15, the NFA will organise the first-ever African Cinema Summit in Africa and will share more information on the summit during the workshop.

Communications Team, NFA

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