The following categories of audio-visual content are set within the scope of materials to be classified by the Film Classification Committee

  • Feature Film
  • Short Film 
  • TV Series and selected TV Programs
  • Documentary
  • Advertisement
  • Music Video

* The Film classification rules shall apply to selected television programs that directly impact on the socio-cultural and moral conscience of the people of Ghana; example sex education programs, talkshows etc. However, the rules shall NOT apply to other types of television programming – such as news, newsreal and current affairs programmes, sports, events, games, teleshopping and in-house productions by the various television stations.

The audio-visual content shall be classified for the various platforms and media.

  • Free-to-Air Television
  • Cinema theatres and movie centres
  • Posters/Publicity materials
  • Film Library *
  • New media *

The Committee examines and classifies films and other audio-visual content meant for public exhibition in Ghana to ensure:

  1. Conformity to the national aspirations, moral and cultural standards.
  2. Protection of children from premature exposure to adult experience.
  3. Provision of consumer advice to enable individuals and parents make informed viewing choices for themselves as well as for children in their care.
  4. Protection of children from exposure to disturbing and harmful materials.

When  making  a  classification  decision  for  a  content,  the committee  takes  careful consideration of relevant factors  and concerns. The description  of  each  of  the  classification  categories  and  the  indication of the suitable  audience  in  terms  of  age  are stated accordingly in the  guidelines.

Classification is the process of giving age ratings and content advice to films and other audiovisual content to help children and families choose what’s right for them and avoid what’s not. 

In accordance with the development and classification of Film Act 935, the Film Classification Committee in determining the suitability of a content for public exhibition, the Committee shall classify the content as follows:


Parental Guidance

12 years and above

15 years and above

18 years and above

Not suitable for public exhibition