persons 18

For persons of eighteen years and above

An 18 rated film is designed specifically for adults.

“18” rating does not mean that the film is “obscene”, “offensive”, or “pornographic,” as these themes are defined by law as unacceptable

A film classified as “18” must, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria:

Theme – There are no restrictions on themes and their treatment.

Language – The film may use any kind of justifiable language.

Nudity – The film may contain justifiable sexually-oriented nudity.

Sex – The realistic depiction of justifiable sexual activity may be allowed.

Violence – There are no restrictions on the depiction of justifiable violence.

Horror – The justifiable depiction of horror, frightening scenes, and gore are allowed.

Drugs – The justifiable depiction of drugs or their use may be allowed. In no case, however, should the use of drugs be promoted, condoned, justified and/or encouraged.

It may contain minimal cultural  tendencies that may be alien to the Ghanaian culture but shall not promote immoral tendencies that contradicts national aspirations, and safety