Parental Guidance (“PG”)

Viewers below 12 are to watch under Parental Guidance

A “PG” classification advises parents or supervising adults that the film may contain any of the elements whose treatment is suitable for children below 12 years of age.

However if a content is rated ‘PG’, it is completely up to the discretion of parents and guardians to allow or not allow their children to watch. ‘PG’ rated content is usually aimed at a family audience.

If a film is rated ‘PG’, some bad language, sex and scary scenes may be present, as may violence, but at all times these senes must be restrained and not glamourised in any way

A film classified as “PG” shall, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria:

Theme – The film may contain themes that require parental supervision and guidance, but should not promote any dangerous, violent, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive behaviour or attitude.

Language – The film may contain mild and infrequent swear words and menacing language. Offensive, menacing, threatening language and references to sex shall always be suitable for viewers who are below 12 years of age. Infrequent, brief and justifiable sexually-suggestive language may be allowed.

Nudity – The film may contain occasional, as well as natural non-sexual nudity.

Sex – The depiction of non-graphic sexual activity may be allowed, but it should be discreet, infrequent, and not prolonged.

Violence – The depiction of non-gratuitous violence and suffering should be minimal, and without graphic detail;.

Horror – The depiction of brief and infrequent horror and frightening scenes shall be allowed.

Drugs – There shall be no depiction of, or reference to, prohibited drugs or substances and their use unless it is clearly for educational purposes and anti-drug campaigns suitable for children.

Shall not contain inappropriate cultural or immoral tendencies that contradict national aspirations, and alien cultural practices that are not acceptable within our society