For persons of fifteen years and above

For persons of fifteen years and above

15 rated films are aimed at a ‘teenage’ audience

Films that contain mature themes yet aren’t really graphic in their portrayal of sex, violence and bad language, although they may have what’s classified as ‘strong’ violence, nudity and hard drug use.

The main difference between a 15 and an 18 rated film is the level of graphic or explicit detail shown, for example, if a film contains violence in a 15, a character may get hurt, but his injuries won’t be shown in graphic detail, compared to an 18 film

A film classified as “15” must, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria:

Theme – There are no restrictions on themes; provided that the treatment is appropriate for viewers who are at least 15 years of age, and does not contain inappropriate cultural or immoral tendencies that contradicts national aspirations, and alien cultural practices that are not acceptable within our society.

Language – The film may use any kind of language.

Nudity – The film may contain discreet, non-gratuitous and justifiable natural and sexually-oriented nudity.

Sex – Non-graphic, non-gratuitous and justifiable sexual activity may be depicted.

Violence – Non-gratuitous and justifiable violence and mild scenes of gore may be allowed

Horror – The non-gratuitous and justifiable depiction of horror, frightening scenes, and mild scenes of gore are allowed.

Drugs – The non-gratuitous and justifiable depiction of drugs or their use may be allowed. The content shall not in any case promote, condone, and encourage drug use.