A Ghanaian chemist in his bid to vindicate his company in a lawsuit against an allegation, stumbles on something even more dangerous in the process. A hidden chemical formula in painkillers and antibiotics is altered for testing and profit gained by a pharmaceutical giant called ROMACEUTICAL. 

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The two brothers Kojo and Yoofi grew up on the electronic waste dump Agbogbloshie, which is based within Ghana’s capital Accra. In order to survive, they are extracting valuable metals by burning western electronic devices.

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Aloe Vera

Peter Sedufia’s ‘Aloe Vera’ has made a comeback in cinemas following the reopening of cinemas and theatres. According to Peter Sedufia, “Aloe Vera is all about the ‘2 Ls’, Love and Laughter. Love should be the uniting force after the covid ‘storm’, a moment to laugh and appreciate one another”.

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